Academic Excellence

USA has been the destination of choice for international students since the last few decades. Most US universities give students the option of flexible courses which is an emerging trend in academics. The students can opt for several subjects at the graduate level keeping their academic and career goals in mind. The list of top 20 universities of the world has a majority of universities from the US.

Education Opportunities

With around 4000 colleges across USA, there is no dearth of options. Most popular courses include engineering, computer science, intensive english, business and management, life sciences and social sciences.

Cutting Edge Technology

The hands-on experience that you get in USA is unique and rewarding. There are research labs which allow you to conduct your own experiments, undertake funded studies, and build models to boost your academic potential. The easy access to data and technology is a major attraction.


California State University
Stanford University
Harvard University
San Jose State University
Yale University
and many more